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 1. Barnabite Heart to Heart Ministry 

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The Barnabite Heart to Heart Ministry upholds its mission in spreading God’s love through service and communion with the less privileged, extending any means of support and provision for a sustained and dignified life.
OUR VISION: We envision a world where everyone enjoys the necessities in life.

Thank you for your support of this missionary endeavor. God bless. Visit our Barnabite Heart to Heart Ministry Website:

2. Barnabite Fund For Poor Kid's Education
Barnabite Fund For Poor Kid's Education was established to foster educate among poor kid's in the mission territories, e.g. in the Philippines, Mexico, India, and Brasil, e.g., Tahanan of Fr. Semeria in the Philippines.
3. Barnabite Spiritual Center Fund
Barnabite Spiritual Center Fund is designated to support the ministry of the Center in Bethlehem , PA.
4. Fatima Shrine Renovations Fund
Fatima Shrine Renovations Funds is designated to raise for the renovation and expansion of the National Shrine Basilica of our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, NY.
5. Barnabite Publications Fund
Barnabite Publications Fund is designed to finance the publishing materials promoting St. Anthony's Spirituality.
6. Barnabite Retirement Fund
Barnabite Retirement Fund is being used to pay for medical care of the retired Barnabite Fathers in the North American Province.
7. Barnabite Missionary Fund
Barnabite Missionary Fund is being used for the education of the Barnabite seminarians in the missions countries.





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Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria,

lover of the Cross and of the Eucharist,
helper of the poor and of the sick,
you who devoted your life
to promote the glory of God and the salvation of souls,
protect me from heaven,
and be my intercessor.
Obtain from Jesus true contrition for my sins;
inflame my heart with sentiments of faith and love
to embrace my daily cross
and to lead others to Christ.
May your eyes follow me in every step,
your wise counsel  enlighten me,
your hand uphold me,
your virtue make me holy.
May I follow your call to holiness and renewal.
Help me to always keep Jesus' love and peace
with my brothers and sisters,
so that I may become worthy of you
and receive eternal glory in heaven.