St. Anthony - A Patron of Physicians





A Physician’s Prayer - Composed by Pope Pius XII


O Divine Physician concerned for the welfare of both body and soul, Jesus, our Redeemer, who during your life on earth manifested a special love for the sick and by your almighty power restored them to health by the mere touch of your hand, we who are called to the arduous tasks of the medical profession adore you and acknowledge you as our model and firm support.
 May our minds, hearts and hands always be guided by you so that we may merit the honor and praise which the Holy Spirit pronounces in commendation of our profession (Sir 38: 1-15).

Grant us to realize more fully that we are instruments of your mercy, called to cooperate with you in the work of safeguarding the welfare of human beings and promoting their development. Enlighten our understanding, so hard pressed by the innumerable ailments of the human body, in order that, by the right use of modern scientific knowledge in the diagnosis of diseases, we may not be misled by mere symptoms but discover their true causes. We shall then feel safe in prescribing the remedies which your Providence has supplied.
Increase your love in our hearts so that, seeing you in the sick, especially in those who are most forsaken, we may reward their complete confidence in us by exhibiting a continuous and unwearied solicitude for their welfare.
Grant that, following your example, we may always show fatherly kindness in our sympathy, sincerity in giving advice, diligence in our attendance, freedom from all practices of deception, and gentleness in breaking the sad news when confronted
with the mystery of death. Above all, help us to be firm in upholding your law concerning the sacredness of human life against the false dictates of egoism and unregulated lower instincts.
As physicians who take glory in your name, we promise that in all our activity we shall take into account the observance of the moral order and be regulated by its laws.
Grant, finally, that we ourselves, trusting in the protection of ANTHONY MARY ZACCARIA, the holy Physician, our Patron and Protector, by a truly Christian life and by the conscientious fulfillment of the duties of our profession, may merit some day to hear from your lips the sentence of beatification promised to all those who visit you in the person of your sick brethren:  "Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you" (Mt 25:34). Amen.