Barnabite Coat of Arms

  • Barnabite Coat of Arms

The P.A. in the Barnabite logo refers to Paul the Apostle, and the three hills symbolize the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
  • Barnabite Official Name -  CRSP

Clerics - priests
Regular - under the rule of common life
Paul - inspired by Paul's teaching on the CRUCIFIED and EUCHARISTIC CHRIST and by St. Paul's missionary call to every human being to become a new creation in the RISEN CHRIST
  • M

M stands for MARY. According to an ancient Barnabite tradition, starting with the day of first profession every Barnabite adds to his baptismal name the name of Mary.
  • IC.XC.+

At the top of each handwritten page, Anthony Mary usually penned the above monogram. The four letters represent the initial and last letters of the Greek words for Jesus Christ:
The additional cross means CRUCIFIED.