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 Barnabite Missionary Fund - Barnabite Missionary Fund is being used for the education of the Barnabite seminarians in the missions countries, like: Philippines, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Kosovo.

Description of the Appeal donation by the Barnabite Fathers in the Philippines  

 The Order of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, also known as the Barnabite Fathers, arrived in the Philippines in December 1989.  The first Barnabite Missionaries in the Philippines officially settled six months thereafter.  Presently, there are three communities, all located close to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.



  • The first community consists of the St. Anthony M. Zaccaria Seminary for our college-seminarians and the St. Alexander Sauli Novitiate House (which currently serves as a quasi-international novitiate as novices from India recently joined our Filipino brothers).  The community is composed of six Filipino Fathers and our first Indonesian Father, six novices, seven postulants, and thirty college-seminarians.  Every Saturday and Sunday each Father serves three or four chapels in seven nearby parishes.
  • The second community is a parish of St. Anthony Maria Zaccaria in San Mateo, Rizal under the Antipolo Diocese, given to the care of the Barnabite Fathers in 2003. It is a poor parish and struggles to pay the stipends of the three Barnabite Fathers assigned there.  However, despite such financial hardships, the Fathers are willing to serve the faithful and whoever asks for their service.


  • The third community is the St. Paul Scholasticate that houses 19 theologians.  In this community there are four Fathers.
The funds received from the 2012 Missionary Cooperation Plan help the seminary and novitiate community, which relies heavily on financial support from benefactors from within and outside the Philippines.  The seminarians, who mostly are poor, are sent to study philosophy at the nearby Seminary College of the Camillians.  It is sad to note that only 5 percent of the seminarians are able to pay the tuition fee.

Our seminary struggles to maintain itself as it tries to provide for the needs of all the seminarians, the student-Fathers who are studying for masters or doctoral degrees, the maintenance of the seminary property, and other community expenses.  The annual budget for the seminary is approximately 6 million Philippine Pesos, or $120,000 US.  Every year the community receives approximately $20,000 from the Missionary Cooperative Plan.  While this is simply a fraction of what is needed for the entire year, it is nonetheless a major help to the community.  Another 20 percent of the budget is received from benefactors and from the ministry or services the Fathers do for the parishes.  The remainder is by the grace of God.

It is the desire of the Fathers to expand the number of dioceses in which we preach as part of the Mission Cooperative Plan in an effort to close our budget deficit.

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 Prayer to Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria  

for our the donors. 


Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria,

lover of the Cross and of the Eucharist,
helper of the poor and of the sick,
you who devoted your life
to promote the glory of God and the salvation of souls,
protect me from heaven,
and be my intercessor.
Obtain from Jesus true contrition for my sins;
inflame my heart with sentiments of faith and love
to embrace my daily cross
and to lead others to Christ.
May your eyes follow me in every step,
your wise counsel  enlighten me,
your hand uphold me,
your virtue make me holy.
May I follow your call to holiness and renewal.
Help me to always keep Jesus' love and peace
with my brothers and sisters,
so that I may become worthy of you
and receive eternal glory in heaven.