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Blessing of the statue of Our Lady of Graces 

September 8, 2012

The community of the Barnabite Fathers was happy to bless the statue of Our Lady of Graces on September 8, 2012, feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the meditation garden of the Barnabite Spiritual Center.
 Our Lady of Graces, pray for us! 





  • Fr. Tony Hall just got a face-lift Nov 28, 2011
- Thanks to the generosity of the BLD Allentown Fr. Tony Hall at the Barnabite Spiritual Center received a face-lift.
The Barnabites Fathers extend the most sincere words of appreciation and gratitude to the BLD of Allentown for making renovation of Fr. Bianco Hall possible.  Your gifts of generosity of time and love are greatly treasured by the Fathers.
Please be assured of our unceasing prayers in your intentions.
Maraming salamat Po to all. Barnabite Fathers.
To see some picture clck here >>>