Barnabite Moment with Fr. Peter Calabrese, CRSP



  • Theme: Fr. Ugo Bassi, CRSP (1809 - 1849).  and Fr. Allesandro Gavazzi, CRSP (1809 - 1889) 



  • Theme: St. Anthony Zaccaria inspires the Angelic Sisters on the eve of the Vicenza Mission.



  • Theme: On St. Alexander Sauli, CRSP, Bishop  (1533- 1562) Barnabite Fathers

Apostle of Corsica. Born in 1533 in Milan, Italy; died on 11 October 1592 in Pavia, Italy. He was a Barnabite and as bishop of Aleria, Corsica from 1571 to 1591 he reclaimed the people from laxity and ignorance, rebuilt churches, founded colleges and seminaries, and placed the Church in a flourishing condition. He was bishop of Pavia from 1591 to 1592.