Barnabite Family Prayers






 of the Barnabite Fathers, Angelic Sisters and Laity of Saint Paul


January 2014:  “Let us look, among others, at St. Francis whose feast day we are celebrating, “so that we may not loathe imitating that which we delight in celebrating.”  In him, in fact, as if in a mirror, there shine the most splendid example of Christian patience, profound humility, and, above all, the most ardent charity.” (October Allocution)

- For Pope Francis, that with his with his friendly and thoughtful nearness to the poorest, the suffering, and those alienated from the Church, he may be an evermore shining example of Christ for the entire world, let us pray to the Lord.

 February 2014: "In the meantime, my beloved, please make every effort to gladden my spirit so that on my arrival I may find that you [have attained] … a steady and holy fervor, nourished by life-giving water and enriched by new vigor." - Letter 5

- For the Barnabites present in the new Foundations of Mérida (Mexico) and Bangalore (India), that they spread with renewed fervor the newness of the Zaccarian charism and the liveliness of the Pauline spirit in those people so rich in faith, traditions, and piety, let us pray to the Lord.

March 2014:  Therefore, as far as we are concerned, let us strive not to fall into these very shortcomings, for Jesus Crucified will take care of the matter either by Himself or through our Father’s intercession.  And so, we should not make too much fuss about what is going on because everything is possible with God—an undeniable truth that we almost touch with our own hands. Letter 4

- For the Barnabites that are now being sent as far as the Isle of Flores (Indonesia) and in Mwanza (Tanzania), that their witness of religious life may increase the faith in those regions, promote especially in the youth the search for God and become a source of heavenly blessings for the entire Congregation of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, let us pray to the Lord.

APRIL 2014: Dear holy ones in Christ Why do you entertain any doubt?  Haven’t you experienced in this undertaking that you never lacked the necessary means to help those in need?  Nothing is more certain and reliable than experience. Letter 6

- For the two Brazilian Provinces that are celebrating the Fifth National Youth Conference of the Zaccarian Youth, that from this they may gain deep motivation to promote spiritual renewal in all of Latin America, let us pray to the Lord.

 May 2014: Let them keep in mind, therefore, that there can be no humility without reproaches and mockery, and anyone who feels ashamed of them … may as well abandon all hope of being able to achieve perfection.

 For the Barnabites in the Philippines who are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their founding and are preparing to be established as a Pro-Province, that according to the example of St. Paul they may be ever able to expand their presence in Asia for the glory of God.

 June 2014: As you know, my dearly beloved, it would be a good thing indeed if our Superiors were to write down on paper all rules and regulations.  But what good would they be if they were not also written in our minds? Letter 7

For the Laity of St. Paul, that together with the Barnabites and the Angelic Sisters they may increasingly be the plants and columns of the renewal of Christian fervor.

August 2014: If today you see everything go well for you, do not be elated. Tomorrow you will see everything turn against you. Still, be not disconcerted, but with perseverance continue your journey, and in due time you will reach the end. Const XVIII

 That Barnabites of every nationality grow in the awareness that in the effort to “make oneself all things for all people ” the mission of the Congregation is constantly pushed to overcome every geographical and cultural boundary.  We pray to the Lord.







St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria,

continue your work as doctor and priest
by obtaining from God healing
from my physical and moral sickness,
so that free from all evil and sin,
I may love the Lord with joy,
fulfill with fidelity my duties,
work generously for the good
of my brothers and sisters,
and for my sanctification.



St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria,
lover of the Cross and of the Eucharist,
helper of the poor and of the sick,
you who devoted your life
to promote the glory of God and
the salvation of souls, protect me,
and be my intercessor from heaven.
Obtain from Jesus true contrition for my sins;
inflame my heart with sentiments of faith and love
to embrace my daily cross
and to lead others to Christ.
May your eyes follow me in every step,
your wise counsel enlighten me,
your hand uphold me,
your virtue make me holy.
May I follow your call to holiness and renewal.
Help me to always keep Jesus' love and peace
with my brothers and sisters,
so that I may become worthy of you
and receive eternal glory in heaven.





O Apostle of the Gentiles, we call to you as the preacher of truth, the valiant athlete of Jesus Christ, God's chosen instrument, and the beacon of light for the unbelievers. We seek to find comfort in the shade of your patronage, for you are our Teacher and our Father, and we are your disciples and your children.
Keeping us as the apple of your eye, protect us against the snares of evil now and always, especially at the hour of our death. Enlighten our minds that we may hear your voice, heed your teaching, and accept your correction. May the spirit that animated you guide us at every moment of our lives.
Most Holy Master, lead your children on the path you walked by means of your life-giving words that nourish us as daily food. Following your guidance may we be shepherded into the greener pastures of the heavenly Kingdom.
O chosen instrument of Christ Crucified, we invoke you now and always as the guardian of our souls. Have mercy on us and remember this Congregation of yours, which you have protected from its very beginning, that it may accomplish its mission, for the glory of the most Holy Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




 Prayer to all Saints of the Congregation



O most blessed brothers and most dear friends of God,
you are already sure of your beatitude;
be concerned about our salvation.
You, while living among us,
always revered this Congregation as your mother,
which begot and fed you to Christ;
do not desist, we bseech you,
from praying for it to God now and forever;
so that we too, once with you and all saints,
by God's mercy,
may enjoy the eternal glory.  Amen.



Vos, BEATÍSSIMI FRATRES et amici Dei carísssimi,
qui estis iam de vestra beatitudine secúrii,
estóde de nostra salúte sollíciti;
et qui nobíscum pie vivéntcs
sanctam hauc Societáterm pian matrem vestram,
quæ vos Christo génuit et álluit, semper coluístis,
pro æ nunc et semper intercédere apud Deum,
quæsumus, non desistáius:
ut et nos aliquándo vobíscum et cum beátis omnibus
per misericórdiam Dei
sempitérna glória frui mereámur. Amen.



To be recited on July 5, traditionally at noon

Look down from heaven, Father, at your children who call upon you and pray to you on this solemn day dedicated to you.

Bless, Father, all those who have authority so that they may govern prudently, give orders firmly and kindly, correct with perfect observance of the rules.

Bless those in parish work, so that they may be inflamed, as you were, by zeal for the house of God, and for the salvation of souls redeemed by Christ Crucified.

Bless the principals of our schools and their collaborators to whom are entrusted our young people, so that they may be able to impress in their hearts Christ's image, and educate them to be Christians with unshaken faith and sound religious virtues.

Bless your beloved children who have left their own country to dedicate themselves completely to the propagation of Christ's kingdom. May God, through your intercession, give them strength in their daily work and comfort in every tribulation, so that all their activities may be meritorious and fruitful.

Bless all those who work in the ministry of the pulpit, confessional, and school, so that they may find great joy in leading men and women to Jesus. Give your blessing, Father, to our professed members, so that through prayer, regular discipline and study, they may prepare themselves for their future apostolate.

Bless those who are now in the houses of novitiate, working toward their spiritual formation and the acquisition of the specific virtues of the Barnabites and the Angelics. Grant, Father, that they may become religious a profound interior life, ready to renounce themselves for the sake of Christ.

Bless those who aspire to become members of your religious families. Free them from all anxiety and doubt; help them to discern the authenticity of their vocation, and to answer God's call with enthusiasm and generosity.

Look, Father, with special tenderness at those whom Divine Providence has called to be your successors in directing our Congregations. May your eyes follow them in every step, your wise  counsel enlighten them, your hand uphold them, your virtue make them holy, so that they may precede us with good example and enlighten, uphold, and stimulate us toward sanctity.

Father, look down and protect your religious families, so that following your steps and the spirit of Saint Paul, we may live, and grow in humility, truth and charity. May your families maintain their noble traditions and multiply their institutions; may they be united in a simple heart full of life and generosity; and burning like yours, for the service of God and his Church.

Because this is a special day of grace, beloved Father, we place under your special protection our institutions: our houses of formation, hope of our Congregations, so that they may form fervent and exemplary religious; our schools where we strive to educate good Christians; all those who are working with us in every apostolic work. May your fatherly blessing descend upon all of us.

May Christ our Lord, ratify your blessing with his own. May he confirm it on the last day so that all your children, Father, may be united in the house of the heavenly Father to praise and bless Him with you and all the Saints, forever and ever. Amen.



Barnabite Family Prayers

(This particular prayer is prayeed by all the Barnabites)


All: We take refuge under your protection, Holy Mother of God. Look down upon our prayers and always free us from all dangers, O glorious and Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sup: Pray for us, Holy Mother of God.

All: To be worthy ofthe promises of Christ.

Sup: O Lord, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, defend this family of yours from all adversities; remove from us whatever is harmful, and bestow on us only that which will be helpful.

All: This is the wise and faithful servant whom the Lord set over his family.

Sup: Honor and prosperity abound in his house.

All: His virtue remains forever.

Sup: O God, your sublime Providence set apart Blessed Joseph to be the husband of the Mother of God. Even as we honor him, may he intercede for us.

All: Holy Apostle Paul, you proclaimed the truth and taught all nations, intercede for us before God, who Himself chose you.

Sup: Pray for us, Saint Paul.

All: To be worthy of God's grace.

Sup:  O Lord, let the spirit of Holy Apostle Paul animate our religious family to love what he loved and to carry out all that he taught.

All: Father, behold us from Heaven, come to look after and bring to fruition the vineyard that you have planted.

Sup: The blessing of the Lord rests upon the virtuous man.

All: He is remembered with admiration.

Sup: O most gracious Savior, keep our religious family in your unity and peace. Let no adversity separate us from your love as we imitate the example and follow the laws of our Holy Father.



Father, look down from heaven upon your children
who call upon you on this special occasion.
With tenderness look upon those
whom Divine Providence has entrusted to
a special ministry of leadership and service.
May your eyes follow them in every step,
your wise counsel enlighten them,
your hand uphold them,
your virtue make them holy.
May we all follow your call to holiness and renewal.
Father, look down from heaven and
protect your family, so that following
in your footsteps and in the spirit of St. Paul,
we may live, grow, and prosper in humility,
truth, and charity for the greater glory of God,
the good of the Church and of our congregation.
Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, pray for us.