A Barnabite contribution to Ecumenism




Fr. Grigorii Petrovich Agostino Schouvaloff (1804-1859) was a Russian aristocrat who converted to Catholicism (1843) and to the priesthood (1857) after a dramatic route told in Augustinian style in his book My Conversion and Vocation."  He was a patriot and polyglot of European education, cultivated poetry and great friendships, offered his life for his motherland and started a true crusade for the return of Orthodox Russia to the Catholic Church.







In 1862 Fr. Cerare Tondini, barnabite founded the "Association of prayers for the return of our separated brethren of the Greek-Russian Church to Catholic unity," spreading it across Europe. He himself was a pilgrim from East to West as a missionary and a scientist, a diplomat and a writer, with an enthusiasm and a boldness that only death could stop.











 Fr. Cerare M. Tondini De' QUARENGHI,  Barnabite - A pioneer of Ecumenism

by Bp. Andrea M. Erba, CRSP