If through perfect humility you will be able to know objec tively yourself, only then will you be.

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Zaccarian Apostolate of Prayer 2017

Zaccarian 2017 Prayer Intentions


The true re-form in the Church and of the Church – the reestablishment in fullness of the one and only original form, the true objective of the ecumenical journey – is possible only in Christ, through Christ, and with Christ Crucified and Living and in the perennial personal and communal purification and conversion,


January:  For the confreres, who celebrate this year their 25th and 50th anniversaries of Religious Profession and Priestly Ordination.

That we never forget that “the true aim of the reform may be recognized in this, namely, if they seek the pure honor of Christ, the pure service of neighbor” (Const XVI),  to free us from the temptation of easy living and that paralyzing and stinking lukewarmness.  We pray to the Lord.

FebruaryFor the Three Zaccarian Families and the Affiliates of the Order.

That as sons and daughters of Anthony M. Zaccaria, the Saint of the Reform, we pray more often together for our harmony and the reestablishment of the full and visible unity of Christians.  We pray to the Lord.

March:  For our recent foundations in India, Mexico, Indonesia and Tanzania

That the Lord Jesus open the eyes of our hearts to recognize His Presence in the poor and the abandoned and render us able to assist them and help them with love, overcoming together, difficulties, barriers, and fences.  We pray to the Lord.

April:  For all our religious communities in the world

That the Lord grants us the capacity to overcome the difficulties of community life and that all of us give priority to God, not closing in on ourselves and not holding ourselves to be better that the others, but always being in a state of reform.  We pray to the Lord.

May:  For the historical and moral rehabilitation of Fr. Ugo Bassi and other confreres.

That based on the example of their sacrifice, the Lord helps us to dream, gives us the ability to prophesy, and pushes us to forge ahead with trust and hope, looking to Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, for the joy of the Church and the Congregation.  We pray to the Lord.

June:  For the aspirants, novices, and newly professed of our Zaccarian Congregations.

That the spirit of sincere reform of the Holy Founder, St. Anthony M. Zaccaria, re-emerges and that the Lord gives them new freshness and apostolic abandon, freeing us from a spiritual worldliness that hides behind the appearance of religiosity.  We pray to the Lord

July:  For the success of the General Chapter of the Angelic Sisters

That the Lord help us to know how to live together and to bear each other’s burdens with fraternal affection, looking to tomorrow in the light of the Gospel that frees us from sadness, resignation, and indifference.  We pray to the Lord

August:  In the Tricentennial of the call to the missions in China and later to the Kingdoms of Ava and Pegu (Burma)

That the example of St. Paul the Apostle may make of us convinced and courageous heralds of the living spirit everywhere and that the Lord grants us the gift of a profound conversion of heart in order to overcome the provocations to murmur and the terrorism of gossip.  We pray to the Lord

September:  On the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Fr. Giovanni Semeria

That we may know how to develop communion amid differences and unity in diversity, remembering that reconciliation bears in itself the strength to free us and turn us toward each other in love and service, in order to re-copy and re-make Jesus Christ.  We pray to the Lord.

October:  On the Centennial of the Birth of Fr. Umberto Fasola

That we may know how to cultivate the apostolate of culture, encounter, and dialogue in order to cooperate for the common good and let ourselves be roused by a healthy and beneficial restlessness provoked by evangelical witness.  We pray to the Lord

November:  For confreres who are elderly, sick or in difficulty

That we may not cease to thank the Lord for the gift of life and for the call to follow him more closely, consecrating our lives to his glory and His service, and that sustained by the grace of God, we succeed in speaking of Him with our re-formed and transfigured lives.  We pray to the Lord.

December:  In preparation for the General Chapter of the Barnabites

That we may never tire of asking ourselves how to implement the true reform that Christ and the Church expects of us, personally and communally, and to walk together as persons of communion and reconciliation that don’t permit ourselves to be robbed of the ideal of fraternal charity.  We pray to the Lord.

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